Creating a 9dcc Profile

Once you own or claim any 9dcc product, you are now family

Follow the steps below to create a 9dcc profile:

Step 1: Navigate to and click connect in the upper right side of the page

Step 2: Click sign up

Step 3: You have two options for signing up, you can either signup with email and then add your wallet(s) holding your assets to your profile later or you can directly signup with your Web3 wallet

Step 4: Verify Email and Connect Socials under your profile

Step 5: Await profile approval via email

Updating Your Custom 9dcc Subdomain:

  1. Log back into your 9dcc Account

  2. Click on Update Your Profile

  3. Ensure your socials are connected

  4. Enter a Subdomain that you wish to claim

Benefits and Features

Network Points - Track your Network Points progress and check out the leaderboard

Discord access - Join the hundreds of other 9dcc owners with special tokengated access to the 9dcc Discord channels. Hang with other holders, join our community events, get access to special raffles and chat with with the team live. If you connect your discord account to your profile, once your profile is approved visit this Discord link below to join the Discord community. Since your profile is mapped to your products, you wont need to verify with wallet when joining, you will automatically be approved

Profile page management - Share key information with the 9dcc community and display your information for public view. Twitter, Discord, and website links can be shared alongside your PFP.

Customization - Your profile picture can now be used to tailor custom Proof of Presence (POP) designs. Here you can upload an image to represent you as you distribute Proof of Presence (POP) from any of your 9dcc garments.

Multi-wallet Support - Seamlessly unite multiple wallets under a single unified account. Do you have 9dcc or Admit One assets across various wallets? Now, effortlessly combine your Network points under one profile in a seamless gasless process.

To add multiple wallets Navigate to "Update your Profile" in the main profile screen to enter the settings menu and click "Link Wallets"

Subdomain - Request your own 9dcc subdomain and receive a personalized 'you.9dcc.eth'. It's more than an ENS for your Ethereum transactions – it's a testament to your individuality within the 9dcc ecosystem.

View your POAPs collected

See how you stand on the leaderboard

Visualize your Network

View your wardrobe

Create a gallery of your favorite NFTs

Please Contact Us if you have any questions or issues regarding 9dcc profile setup

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