Product Claim - Quick Start Guide

Tap the 9

To access the NFC chip, simply use your phone to scan the chip that is located on the 9 logo patch on any 9dcc product.

Step 1: If using an iPhone to tap, sleep and wake the phone, unlock and then tap on the upper third of the back of the phone to the 9 logo, its the same process you would use for Apple Pay.

For Android devices, first make sure the NFC functionality is turned on in quick drop down settings on the home screen. Tap the middle of the back of the phone to the 9. This is the same process you would use for Google Pay.

Once scanned you’ll see a pop up message on your phone. Follow the prompts to launch the garment’s 9dcc menu.

Step 2: Click on “claim” follow the instructions and enter your wallet information to claim the COA

Step 3: After clicking Continue, signup for 9dcc account with email, google or web3 login.

Step 4: After 9dcc account creation, you’ll be brought to a confirmation screen to finalize your claim

Check your wallet to see your digital Certificate of Authenticity!

Video Quick Start Guide

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