About Powered by 9dcc

The Problem

Physical product launches require significant resources, operational excellence, and a global supply chain to go from idea to finished goods. Currently, there are limited options facilitating the creation of physical products built on blockchain technologies.

The Solution

Powered by 9dcc is a new way for brands, creators, and organizations to tap into Networked Products™.

Partners can now seamlessly co-create with 9dcc to develop and bring physical products to life with proven and engaging digital experiences.

This will enable labels and creators to establish profound and meaningful connections with their communities and consumers by leveraging Connected Experiences through the 9dcc ecosystem.


Tap into our experience, scale, reputation, and network to launch amazing products. Build brand awareness and introduce a new revenue stream through physical products that nurture connection and engagement. All products feature NFC chips which connect your products into the 9dcc network. Confidently unlock benefits that engage your community post-activation.


What services does Powered by 9dcc offer?

Powered by 9dcc wants to support brands, creators, and artists to produce quality products with "Networked Products™" technology. This initiative aims to bolster awareness and unlock a fresh revenue stream for partners through the introduction of physical products that encourage connections and engagement. Brands will be able to choose the "Powered by 9dcc" labeled garment, customized to their aesthetic, and 9dcc will take care of the rest using tested fulfillment and customer service

What are the digital activations available through the Embedded technology?

Powered by 9dcc is integrating world-class "Networked Products™" technology to seamlessly bridge physical products with engaging digital experiences. This will let labels and creators establish a profound and meaningful connection with their communities. Key features of Networked Products include: A polished platform reflective of the luxury experience seen across all 9dcc collections, On-chain Certificate of Authenticity: Digital collectibles that signify authenticity and provenance, Personalization: Unique POAPs/Proof of Presence (Gas-Free Digital Collectibles) foster individualized connection by the collection of those you meet, Gamified Engagement: Unlocking exclusive experiences such as weekly games, autograph collection, and more, Customized Links: Access official links, e-commerce, and webpages from the brand to their community, An ability to update all existing “Networked Products” with new capabilities and platform advances as they become available.

What products does Powered by 9dcc offer?

9dcc offers a range of customization options, from basic to advanced, across various product categories, including a curated line of t-shirts, hoodies, and baseball caps.

Does Powered by 9dcc oversee fulfillment?

We try to cater to various partner needs and provide multiple fulfillment options. Choose from self-fulfillment, full-serve fulfillment (3PL), or the vaulted option for a seamless delivery experience.

I want to partner with Powered by 9dcc, how much do you charge?

The cost of any package will differ and depend on the products being ordered, their quantities, and the type of support a team requires. Please contact us using the contact form for additional information.

What is the Powered by 9dcc performance warranty?

Powered by 9dcc warrants that the goods/services shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship for six months from the date of delivery.

Is Powered by 9dcc related to the 9dcc brand?

Powered by 9dcc is a brand expansion of the 9dcc mainline. Differentiated in its material and production, Powered by 9dcc is designed to support launches with world-renowned partner brands, organizations, and creators looking to bridge physical products with connected digital experiences.

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