About Network Points

9dcc Network Points, available to all, are designed to reward 9dcc and Admit One holders.

Network Points is about rewarding the most loyal members of the ecosystem.

This program is about building meaningful IRL communities and connections through shared passions of web3, fashion, and blockchain technology. We’re taking gamification to the next level.

Holders with the most points will be rewarded periodically.

Some examples of ways to gain Network Points are

-Buying 9dcc products through our marketplace

-Obtaining a 9dcc sub-domain

-Being an Admit One holder and/or owning multiple Admit One tokens

-Changing your Twitter profile name to your 9dcc sub-domain

-Tokenproof Check-In to IRL Events

The exact definitions of Network Points generating activity is not published. We encourage community members to discover how actions may impact their position on the leaderboard.

Some examples of recent rewards:

-Paid 9dcc affiliation on Twitter

-Early access to 9dcc product drops

-Token Airdrop Opportunities

-Access to VIP events

Will you find all the ways to gain more Network Points?

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