Released in August of 2022, ITERATION-01 features understated elegance with a subtle center neck 9dcc logo HD puff screen print and silk proof of 9dcc patch.

Cut from finely knit, combed cotton jersey this ultra lux tee looks stunning.

Oversized fit. 100% premium heavyweight. Finely knit, combed cotton jersey. 10 OZ. 9/1. 365 GSM.

Proudly made in Los Angeles - USA.

The sale of Iteration-01 was available only to Admit One holders during a 48hr purchasing window

During the sale, each Admit One token was guaranteed to be able to mint a maximum of one looks NFT, with six options to choose from.

Each image, photographed by Justin Aversano, corresponds to one of six sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL)

Price: 0.3 ETH

Total Supply: 1,111

Once the 48 hour period passed, a second mint window where the remainder of the supply was able to be purchased by Admit One holders over another 24 hour period

A snapshot was taken in October of 2022 of all looks NFT holders for an airdrop of a 4k Vaulted Token. This token is the physical redemption token used to claim the physical garment. This token can also be traded on secondary exchanges.


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