About Admit One

Admit One is your VIP entry into the gmoney ecosystem. The journey begins here.

Admit One is a 1,000-member community carefully curated by gmoney and launched as a free mint

There were two allow lists for this mint. The first allow list is a hand-curated group of members that will bring additional diversity, insights, and value to this community. The second allow list includes a specific selection of gmoney issued POAP holders and Wolf Game housegmoney OG stakers who've supported him from Day 1. Claiming was only open to these previous supporters.

  • 212 curated members by gmoney.

  • 60 spots for partners and team members.

  • 30 spots for future distribution by gmoney.

  • 698 spots for eligible POAP holders.

Any tokens left undistributed will be held in reserve for future distribution by gmoney.

The Admit One membership is valid for a period of three (3) years after the NFTs are first distributed (i.e., the start of the mint). Members may receive special opportunities, experiences, or utility as determined by GMONEY LLC at its sole discretion.

Admit One Memberships can be purchased an the 9dcc Marketplace with zero fee transactions

See the Admit One Manifesto for more information on creation of the community and why it was formed

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