The Chip

What is the Chip?

NFC is the technology that we utilize that enables us to leverage blockchain technology to tokenize our physical items.

Most modern smartphones are equipped with NFC reader capabilities (the same scanning technology that Apple Pay and Google Pay use).

Tapping the NFC chip on a 9dcc product with your phone allows you to activate the chip and claim the exclusive content stored within—no app required.

The chips have unique encryption keys and emit dynamic, expiring links, so you can be sure that you are accessing authenticated content from a genuine product.

At its core, the chip holds the "certificate of authenticity" of each individual product.

Scanning the chip does not only give you a way to claim and verify ownership of a product, but it also contains many custom modules that can be activated to engage with the products.

We are proudly partnered with IYK to manufacture our NFC chips. For more information visit their Website and Twitter.

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