The ITERATION-03 baseball hat features the signature 9dcc insignia reinterpreted in polished silver metal, a monochromatic ITERATION-03 embroidery on the brim, a 9dcc engraved adjustable buckle, and embedded Networked Product™ technology.

100% heavy cotton canvas. 280g.

The one-size-fits-most 9dcc Baseball Cap has a deep, comfortable fit.

Available in Black, Mauve, Hunter and Fuchsia with Black being the most common and Fuchsia being the least common.

The Drop

ITERATION-03 dropped live in person in NYC during NFT NYC on April 12th 2023 which also corresponded to the kickoff of the 9dcc IRL treasure hunt that took place that same week.

The hat was a free giveaway to anyone who attended our pop up stations throughout NYC and participated in the Treasure Hunt.

ITERATION-03 was was guaranteed redeemable for free online to all Admit One holders ahead of the NYC pop-up.

Redemption for Admit One holders went live March 24 2023 for 48hrs

NYC Treasure Hunt Activation

The 9dcc treasure hunt kicked off on April 12th 2023 at a Bodega, the humblest and most essential of NYC institutions.

The 9dcc treasure hunt took place across a number of NYC locations with each stop requiring participants to visit the location where they received a commemorative POAP and NYC-centric pin designed by Snuffy.

As with any treasure hunt, there was the chance of winning prizes through a prize pool including the grand prize of an "unminted" Chromie Squiggle by Snowfro

Supply: 1600

Price: Free


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