Collection 01

Unveiled at NFT Paris and NFT Fashion week 2024, Collection 01, designed for the "Crypto-Mob", is our first full collection of Networked Products.

Attendees of NFT Paris 2024, held at the Grand Palais Ephemere February 23 and 24, and Paris Fashion Week February 25-29 were afforded the exclusive opportunity to explore and acquire pieces from 9dcc’s premiere collection in an exclusive pre-sale.

Products are available now and for pre-order throughout 2024 at:

With over 60 unique pieces and color choices, the debut collection exudes a confident and edgy vibe, perfectly suited for the trailblazers, visionaries, the rebels of today and the taste-makers of tomorrow. Designed for those at the forefront of revolutionizing conventions and establishing new benchmarks across the digital landscape and fashion industry, this collection captures the spirit of ‘Luxury Disruption.’

Networked Products - Collection 01 Overview

Available starting Feb 2024

9dcc Essentials Collection

9dcc LIMITED Print Tees

Available starting July 2024

9dcc Essentials Collection

Available starting September 2024

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