9dcc x Stapleverse (Jeff Staple)

Dropped during Paris Fashion Week on June 21st 2023, The 9dcc x Stapleverse collaboration introduces a limited edition luxury baseball cap that seamlessly merges streetwear fashion with digital collectibles in collaboration with Jeff Staple.

For over 25 years, Jeff Staple has been a streetwear icon and a creative visionary with work encompassing graphic design, fashion design, footwear design, and brand marketing. He is the founder of REED ART DEPARTMENT (f.k.a. Staple Design) and has worked on creative projects ranging from startup brands to Fortune 100 companies. Jeff founded STAPLE in 1997, the NY-based pioneering streetwear brand with the now infamous “Pigeon” logo. He also founded experiential lifestyle boutique, REED SPACE in 2001.

The exclusive design features exquisite metal hardware, a specially created embroidered pigeon illustration symbolizing the collaboration, and an understated luxury aesthetic.

The collection is limited to only 250 pieces with only 200 being available for sale to the public

The collection was available in person in Paris as well as online after Paris Fashion Week

Cost: $295

For customers who bought online, they had the option to vault the product directly with 4K for an additional fee.

Any customer that had purchased in person or chose to have it physically received as well as went through the process of claiming the “Certificate of Authenticity” to a wallet were eligible to receive a the Stapleverse Sapienz NFT airdrop at the time of a wallet Snapshot

Caps that were vaulted during the time of airdrop were NOT be eligible for the Sapienz airdrop.

The Stapleverse Sapienz NFT avatar collection was special in the fact that it used a newer ERC 6551 Ethereum contract standard which is special in the fact that it includes an embedded wallet to allow for other NFT "Add Ons"

Holders received a digital version of the hat to display on their received Sapienz avatar.

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