9dcc ITERATION-01 Looks

The 9dcc ITERATION-01 looks NFTs are a visual homage to crypto culture, featuring some of web3's most beloved personalities. Photos were shot by Justin Aversano

This NFT was previously used as the entry key to claim the ITERATION-01 9dcc lux tee after a Snapshot was taken in October of 2022. Holders of the Looks tokens were airdropped a 4k Token corresponding to the garment size chosen during the sale.

Holders of this airdropped token are able to claim the physical garment on the 4k Protocol website: https://app.4k.com/

NOTE: Although the looks NFT is still part of the 9dcc ecosystem, it no longer eligible for the physical garment after the Snapshot was taken and the 4k tokens airdropped.

In its current form, the Looks NFT is an amazing photo collection and is still eligible for membership to the 9dcc family.

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