About The 9dcc Market

The Philosophy

No one likes fees when they buy products online.

We believe in digital sovereignty and we think those that are currently in the Web3 space agree with this statement. The thing that makes NFT technology so special is that we now have the ability to have digital asset ownership in a truly decentralized manner.

When someone purchases an NFT, that is their property. They can do with it as they please, much the same way they can with real world assets.

We think people will do whatever is in their best interests. We don’t fault people for that, because with ownership comes property rights and autonomy.

Marketplaces have grasped onto this concept, and used it to their advantage to justify cutting creator royalties, effectively to zero, in an effort to increase market share.

The future of NFTs is in smaller and more carefully curated marketplaces.

That’s why we launched our own 9dcc marketplace


Our marketplace aggregates all the listings from all marketplaces, and puts them in one centralized location to make it easier to buy and sell 9dcc assets. There are no marketplace fees for any assets listed natively on our marketplace.

For the marketplaces that don’t have creator royalties, they are added on to the purchase price to honor creator royalties.

Launching a marketplace for 9dcc assets by itself isn’t enough. We want to incentivize the community to actively trade on there.

In integration with our Network Points system, the framework we will use is:

1) Assets traded on any platform where the full creator royalties are paid will receive a full allocation of points.

2) Assets traded on https://www.9dcc.market/ will receive bonus points for trading it on the native marketplace front end.

3) Assets traded on any platform that doesn’t honor royalties will receive zero points and be ineligible for benefits.

We have built a royalty checker directly within your 9dcc profile settings page to check any products you own for royalties paid. If royalties were not paid on a purchase we allow for owners to pay any royalties owed to gain back Network Points.

We always encourage anyone making any purchases in the 9dcc ecosystem to use our verified marketplace as it has 0 marketplace fees and always includes creator royalties.

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