Launched in December of 2022 at a pop up event in Miami during Art Basel, ITERATION-02 is a collaboration between 9dcc and Erick Calderon AKA Snowfro, Art Blocks founder and creator of the Chromie Squiggle.

Utilizing the Art Blocks Engine and State of the Art printing equipment, ITERATION-02 celebrates a merging of on-chain generative art and custom physical garment creation on demand.

ITERATION-02 is for enthusiasts of both luxury products and generative art.

The iconic Chromie Squiggle algorithm was remixed with 9dcc’s visual identity as a collection of randomly generated NFTs. Each holder received a unique 1 of 1 physical 9dcc tee featuring their newly minted NFT printed directly on the garment.

After the 5 day pop-up event, All Admit One holders were given a window to mint an ITERATION-02 9dcc x Snowfro via virtual mint.

Price: $585

Total Supply: 1,200


The Virtual Mint - Proof of Mint

Elegantly merging the Physical and Virtual mints required some creative thinking

We wanted all 9dcc x Snowfro ITERATION-02 mints to be on the same contract whether or not you bought it at the pop up event or virtually. But getting there was not so easy.

In order for this to work, all virtual buyers purchased a Proof of Mint token. The Proof of Mint number correspond directly with the number of the mint from the original contract.

After all garments were manufactured and sent to the 4k vault, owners of the Proof of Mint could burn their token to receive the physically redeemable product just like we did with ITERATION-01.

Proof of Mint tokens do include a link to their generated artwork, are tradeable on secondary markets and are able to be burned for a physical vaulted token.

We encourage all holders of Proof of Mint tokens to burn their tokens to receive their vaulted tokens

How to Burn your Proof of Mint

Step 1: Navigate to

Step 2: Connect wallet that contains your Proof of Mint token(s)

Step 3: Perform the transaction to burn the tokens and recieve your ITERATION-02 Vaulted tokens.

Step 4: Use the ITERATION-02 Vaulted Token to claim and ship the physical garment to your home. Visit and connect using the wallet that holds the Vaulted NFT.

Note: The Vaulted ITERATION-02 garments has been pre-paid for a two (2) year period. The metadata for the time remaining of the vault will be embedded within the 9dccITERATION-02 Vaulted token.

Benefits of Burning your Proof of Mint

1) Network Points - Holding ITERATION-02 vaulted tokens holds much higher value of Network points

2) Visually Striking - Proof of Mint tokens do not display the artwork of your minted token while the ITERATION-02 vaulted tokens do.

3) Metadata - The ITERATION-02 Vaulted token contains trait metadata provided by Art Blocks.

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